Conceptual literary review on Rutuchakra


  • Dr Bharathi K S Assistant Professor, PG Dept of PTSR, Rajiv Gandhi Education Society Ayurvedic Medical College Ron, Karnataka, India.


Artava, Rutuchakra, Menstruation, Rajahsravakaala, Rajaswala charya, Rutukaala, Rutumati charya, Rutuvyatita kaala.


In Ayurveda importance is given to the Swastha concept.  In this woman health is also play important role because health of family, community, inturn a healthy nation depends on the health of its woman.Artava is the upadhatu of rasa dhatu  responsible for conception, which act as major importance in fertility rate of country.The menstrual cycle in ayurveda is called Rutuchakra.The duration of Menstrual cycle is one Month (chandramasa-28days) divided into 3 phases - Rajahsravakaala, Rutukaala and Rutuvyatitkaala.This article highlights the summary on the concept of Rutuchakra.

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