Concept of dhumapana in Shalakya tantra


  • Shila Sapkota PG scholar


Dhumapana is inhalation of medicated smoke. Ancient Acharyas have mentioned many techniques and uses of dhumapana. Dhumapana can be done on the daily basis as well as treatment of various disorders. Acharya Charaka has mentioned dhumapana as a part of dinacharya (daily regimen) in Matrasitiya adhyaya of Sutrasthana. Apart from dinacharya, it can be used as preventive and promotive aspects. It is basically used for vitiated vata and kapha generated in urdhwajatrugata vyadhi. Vitiated kapha situated in the head is eliminated very efficiently by dhumapana. Dhumapana works as both shamana and sodhana therapy for vitiated doshas. Different Acharyas has mentioned different drugs for making dhumavarti according to the need of action. In this article the detailed description about the different types of dhumapana and their therapeutic uses on Shalakya tantra is made into highlights.

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