A comparative study of Garavisham and Hypersensitivity reactions


  • Dr. Tanvi Gusain Gusain
  • Dr. Brijendra Singh Tomar
  • Dr. Satbir Kumar Chawla


garavisham, hypersensitivity, immune system, xenobiotics


Background: Agadatantram beside dealing with different types of animal & plant poison, has a unique concept of combination of Visha which could be understood under the term Gara. Garavisham is a type of Sanyogaj Visha i.e., it can be a combination of Savisha( toxic) as well as Nirvisha( non-toxic). Xenobiotics have been defined as chemicals to which an organism is exposed that are extrinsic to the normal metabolism of that organism. Aim: To have a better understanding of Garavisham with its current importance, to have a better understanding of the diseases occurring as an outcome of Garavisham, its relation with hypersensitivity is explored. Objective: understanding the modern day Garavisham w.r.t. xenobiotic. Material & method: literature review of Garavisham and hypersensitivity was taken from the Brihattrayi Samhita & pathology textbook respectively. Data for non-communicable diseases was obtained from google platform. Result: Garavisham is present as etiological factor in the pathology of various diseases like Panduh, Krusatvam, Alpagni, Marmapradhamanam, Shotha, Udar Roga, Grahani Dosha, Yakshma, Jwar, Kasa(cough) & Shavsa (breathing disorder) along with psychological factors altering the subconscious of a person through dreams. Conclusion:  Garavisham can act as xenobiotics for the human body by creating an inflammatory response. Hypersensitivity reaction can be defined as the exaggerated response of immune system. It is somehow capable of provoking the immune system in short term as well as long term. There has been a growth in the burden of diseases like urticaria, rheumatoid arthritis, drug induced adverse reactions, cancer etc. The weight of these diseases has been ever increasing with the passage of time.

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