Rasayana therapy in geriatrics: A holistic approach to addressing the health challenges of aging in the modern world


  • Richa Kumari MD Scholar
  • Priyanka Kumari
  • Dr. Man Mohan Sharma
  • Dr. Sunman Meena


Aging, jara, Vriddhavastha, Rasayana


Introduction-The escalating concerns surrounding the aging population have become a global issue, propelled by advancements in medical services and technology, resulting in increased life expectancy. By the year 2020, the global elderly population is projected to surpass one billion, with over two-thirds residing in developing countries. Ayurveda, recognized as the science of life, encompasses comprehensive principles for health and disease prevention. Rasayana therapy operates fundamentally on nutritional dynamics, revitalizing the body on both physical and mental levels. Amidst the health challenges posed by modernization, Rasayana therapy emerges as a potential solution by fortifying resistance against diseases and fostering psychological well-being. The integration of Rasayana therapy into geriatric care is positioned as a primary line of treatment, aimed at preventing a spectrum of geriatric diseases. Materials  and  Methods: Understanding of Ayurvedic procedure by modern perspective is necessary for its acceptance for this various classical Ayurveda text like Charaka, Sushruta and Vagbhata with   their   famous   commentary   are   reviewed thoroughly. Along modern  physiology  literature  from  various  articles  and  books  reviewed. Discussion-This article delves into the codes, conducts, and therapeutic insights outlined in Ayurveda, emphasizing the importance of Rasayana therapy in aligning with the overarching goals of geriatrics – the promotion of life and prevention of disease. As the elderly population burgeons, a comprehensive understanding of traditional practices, such as Rasayana therapy, becomes imperative in crafting effective healthcare strategies for the evolving needs of an aging global populace.Conclusion- This article explores the pivotal role of Rasayana therapy, a therapeutic modality within Ayurveda, in promoting longevity and averting age-related ailments.

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