Case report on curative and preventive ayurveda treatment modalities against covid




Ayurveda, COVID, pandemic


COVID is an infectious disease caused by a newly discovered Coronavirus. Most people infected with the Corona virus will have symptoms of mild to moderate respiratory illness, fever, sore throat etc. Modern Western Medicine (MWM) is still in search of treatment which is specific to COVID. In the present case both the patients after diagnosed of being COVID positive consulted for Ayurveda medications for the cure of moderate symptoms of corona and also as a preventive measure for their children. Both the patients had symptoms of high fever, severe body pain, tiredness and throat ache. The progress of the disease could be arrested within a short period by Ayurveda medicines. And Ayurveda medicines also worked in a preventive aspect for the children who were the primary contact of the parents. This illustrates that there is a wide scope to explore the treatment measures for curative and preventive aspects for pandemics in Ayurveda litreture which can be used rationally to suit every stage of the infectious diseases. Rationale of Ayurveda is different from Modern Western Medicine (MWM) is Ayurveda adopts holistic approach both for curative and preventive aspects of treatment. This article will encourage the health fraternity to seek Ayurveda both as curative and preventive medicine in present pandemic situation.

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