Ayurvedic management of diabetic wound: A case study


  • Smitha Cheke


Diabetic foot ulcer, dusht vran, wound healing


Diabetic patients are vulnerable to develop non healing ulcers. Treatment modilities like conservative, good diabetic control, wound toileting seem to be incomplete by looking at prevalence rate of amputation in diabetic patients. This case management of diabetic foot ulcer in 65 years male. Complete wound healing was achieved in 30 to 40 days with unit healing time (UHT) of 5.88 days/cumm. Local cleaning by Triphala Kwatha has showed antimicrobial effect which augmented the healing process while Vranshodhak Taila  application enhanced tissue debridement. Internal Ayurveda medication like Arogyavardhini vati and Rakta pachak yog with pathya-apathya (prescribed diet and regimen) pacified vitiated kapha-vata pradhan Tridosha and enhanced tissue rejuvenation and repair by their pharmacological properties.

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