Importance of Super-Specialty Courses in Ayurveda for Addressing Contemporary Healthcare Challenges


  • Reena Kulkarni
  • Vasant Patil


Ayurveda, Super-Specialty Courses in Ayurveda, Ayurveda Education


The focus of Ayurvedic education policy has traditionally centered on mainstreaming basic knowledge and promoting community practices. Efforts to reintroduce specialty courses and revitalize familial practices through Gurukula training have been undertaken, showcasing the clinical applications and practices of Ayurveda. However, the presence of super specialty clinics specializing in areas such as eye treatment, arthritis, urology, pediatric care, and maternity care remains sparse and largely unrecognized by the mainstream population. These clinics, though limited in number, face challenges in disseminating their principles of practice to the wider medical community due to a lack of standardized practices, skills, documentation, and scientific publications. With the rising prevalence of non-communicable diseases, malignancies, environmental and occupational hazards, and the growing geriatric population, there is an urgent need to modernize and advance the principles of Ayurveda. Therefore, the introduction of super-specialty courses in Ayurveda is imperative to provide comprehensive knowledge and expertise in specific areas of Ayurvedic medicine. These courses will cater to the increasing demand for highly skilled professionals capable of addressing complex health issues using Ayurvedic principles. Therefore, prioritizing super-specialty education is imperative. It necessitates a deliberate, thorough, and rational approach, taking into account the advancements in technology, when designing the curriculum and course structure.


Author Biographies

Reena Kulkarni

Senior Editor, JAHM; Professor and HOD, SDM Institute of Ayurveda & Hospital, Bangaluru, INDIA

Vasant Patil

Executive Editor, JAHM

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