Efficacy of Sadyo Vamana and Chatushashti Prahari Pippali on Kaphaja Kasa- An explorative study

Sadyo Vamana and Chatushashti Prahari Pippali On Kaphaja Kasa-


  • Dr Reena Kulkarni RGUHS


Ayurveda, Bala, Chatushashti prahari pippali, Kaphajakasa, naimitika rasayana, sadyovamana


Background: Kaphaja kasa manifest as cough with white, thick and sticky expectoration. Specific etiology of Kaphajakasa include excessive intake of guru (heavy), abhishyandi (blocking channels of circulation), madhura(sweet), snigdha (unctuous) ahara (food), swapna (sleep) and vicheshtana It is compared to recurrent cough due to seasonal allergy or infections involving lower respiratory tract. A recurrent episode of cough challenges the growth and development in children and their academic performances. Vamana is choice of therapy for kapha disorders including kasa. Chatushashti prahari pippali (CPP)  is a form of fortified pippali churna indicated for vyadhiharana and rasayana purpose. This study explores the sadyovamana and naimittika rasayana effect of CPP in kaphajakasa (recurrent wet cough) in children of 5-15 years” Materials and Methods: 33 children with kaphajakasa attending Kaumarabritya outpatient department and in patient department at Sri Dharmasthala Manjunatheshwara Institute of Ayurveda (SDMIAH), Bengaluru were recruited in the trial and screened for lakshana of kaphajakasa on structured clinical proforma and administered sadyovamana followed by CPP tablet 250 mg (5-10years) to 500 mg (10-15years) with 100ml milk on empty stomach for a period of 3 months. Changes assessed using graded features of Kaphaja kasa on CASA-Q questionnaire and assessment of Agni (Digestive capacity). The data obtained in the survey were tabulated and analysed using SPSS version 20. Results: statistically significant results observed in the graded clinical features of kaphajakasa with improvements in Agni. Discussion: Sadyovamana followed by CPP with milk on empty stomach act as Naimittika rasayana (disease specific drug) on kaphajakasa. The improvements are attributed to kaphahara, sthanashodhana effect of sadyovamana and kaphahara, pachana and rasayana effects of pippali in CPP.

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