• Rajshekar Shettar RGUHS


Mutra Pareeksha, Tailabindu Pareeksha, specific gravity, surface tension, viscosity, Mutra Varna Vikruti.


Mutra Pareeksha is not only a diagnostic tool & also prognosis criteria of urine examination developed by the medieval Ayurvedic scholars. This article aims at, by using this ancient wisdom to diagnose the medical conditions and to predict about their prognosis, and studying about how it can be applied to modern medical practice and its limitations. In today’s modern medical practices, there is a plethora of urine diagnostic examinations available. These act as an added financial burden to the patients. In the midst of this, making use of context of Mutra Pareeksha in Ayurveda like Tailabindu pareeksha, Prameha prakarana & Mutrakruchra for urine examination, will not only prove economical, but also is a time‑tested and scientifically proven method. Prognosis is an important aspect of diagnosis and treatment. From ancient time predicting prognosis of a disease has always been a big challenge to the medical profession. Nowadays Patients want to have access to accurate prognostic information. Knowing prognosis plays an important role in end of-life decisions and it helps to determine whether to take certain treatment or not. If we look into Ayurvedic texts then we will find that art of prognosis was well developed in ancient times.

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