General Consideration Of Vata Vyadhi


  • Dr Anup Bhosgikar Asso.Prof Dept of Rachana Shareera N.k.J.A.M.C.& P.G.CENTRE BIDAR,KARNATAKA


Key words: Vata,Vatavyadhi,Gata vata.


: Vata is known as self born and omnipotent because of its independence, eternity and all pervasiveness among all entities, this has universal characters and is worshiped by the entire world because this is the cause of origin, sustenance and destruction of living beings. But the disturbed and provoked vata is responsible for the development of vatavyadhis. These diseases are said to be critical to treat because of powerfulness of vata in all. So, it has to be treated by judging the strength of individual, immunity, and by clearing the channels.


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