Role of Kapalabhati in poor academic Performance of school going children


  • Mahesh Salimath G


Poor academic Performance, Schooling, Kapalabhati, IQ, Shatkarma


Kapalabhati is miracle boy of Yoga, Kapalabhati is undoubtedly one of the most popular form of breathing exercise in the yoga. This is one among the cleansing techniques or Shatkarmas. Kapal means forehead and bhati means light or knowledge. As the name suggests, this dynamic technique stimulates the brain, improves intellect. Poor academic performance is seen in 20% of the children, where they will be having below average IQ.  However this is a ‘symptom’ reflecting a larger underlying problem in children. Poor academic results in child having a low esteem and they give significant stress to their parents. Apart from these classroom size, poverty, students leaving at or below poverty level, family factors, poor usage of technology, bullying, poor parent involvement, health and funding etc. all these factors badly influence and put pushing back impact on education system. Kapalabhati acts Detoxifier of Lungs and boosts respiratory system, it enhances the oxygen level in the blood and it reduces the level of anxiety in the children’s.   As the name itself indicates Kapalabhati is illuminative, easy, enjoyable and most effective, Yogic procedure to increase physical and mental health. It is important to find the reasons for a child's poor school performance and come up with a treatment plan early and it is not a permanent problem. 

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