• Vasant Patil
  • Shruti Naik
  • Madhuri Rodd


Cholelithiasis, gallstones, Pittashmari, common biliary duct, CBD


Gall stones are common medical problem in the general population often leading to surgical intervention. It is more often seen in women than men with the ration of 4:1. It is said that gall stones are more common in Fat, Fertile, Forty and Females i.e., four F’s. A case of cholelithiasis is discussed in this case report. A female patient of aged 45years came with the complaints of pain in the right hypochondriac region and back which was moderate in nature, associated with occasional vomiting since 20 days with normal bowel movements, no difficulty in micturition and moderate appetite. The USG reports had impression of cholelithiasis with mildly inflamed gall bladder. Common biliary duct is dilated with mild dilated intrahepatic biliary ducts due to calculi in proximal CBD. This condition is correlated with Pittashmari as per Ayurvedic Classics. The symptoms of cholelithiasis resemble to that of Pittashmari, so taking under consideration to this, a palliative treatment modality was planned in order to avoid the surgical intervention. Oral administration of Ayurvedic drugs was decided based on the pathogenesis involved with appropriate dietary regimen and the patient was advised to take the medications for 5 months. After the completion of the course, the patient was assessed and asked for USG scan, the impression showed no obvious sonological abnormality detected in visualized parts of abdomen.

Author Biographies

Vasant Patil

Consultant and Director, Atreya Ayurveda Centre, HUBLI, INDIA

Shruti Naik

PG Scholar, Dept. of Panchakarma, Ayurveda Mahavidyalaya, HUBLI, INDIA

Madhuri Rodd

PG Scholar, Dept. of Panchakarma, Ayurveda Mahavidyalaya, HUBLI, INDIA 

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Patil, V., Naik, S. ., & Rodd, M. (2021). PALLIATIVE MANAGEMENT OF PITTASHMARI (CHOLELITHIASIS). Journal of Ayurveda and Holistic Medicine (JAHM), 9(5). Retrieved from

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