• Dr. Swapna Kumary Alva's Ayurveda Medical College, Moodbidri


Dronapushpyadi granules, Tulasi ,Putiha,Khanda sharkara,Trikatu, Pharmaceutico-analytical study.


BackgroundDronapushpi(Leucas cephalotes) is an herb that has been used in fresh juice form for various disorders like asthma , cough, fever , cold , bleeding disorders, etc .Tulasi(Ocimum sanctum) and Putiha(Mentha piperita)are also a  popularly used drugs in the form of fresh juice  for illness such as fever, cold and cough. Conversion of formulation into more suitable form is essential for modern era with additional benefits of palatability and dosage is always essential. In present study an attempt is made to prepare a polyherbal formulation  which includesDronapushpi as a main ingredient addingTulasi,PutihaKhanda sharkara & Trikatu [Shunthi (Zingiber officinale), Maricha (Piper nigrum), Pippali(Piper longum)] which are mainly having kaphavatahara action . Granule preparation known as khandapreparation in Bhaishajya, which is prepared out of kwatha. It is palatable by patients of all age groups & has an easy method of administration. The assimilation of granules starts from oral cavity, which effectively helps in the action against upper respiratory infection. Pharmaceutical standardization of this formulation is not established yet, which is first step towards research on the formulation. Materials &Methods- Granules was prepared as per general method of granule preparation.The attempt is made in the present article to assess its pharmaceutical and analytical aspect while processing the drug dronapushpyadi granules. Preliminary analytical study carried out to set the basic quality of formulation. Results – The final yield granules was 1500g  and the total duration taken was 2 hour 20 minutes. Further details are explained in full paper.

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