• RAVIPRASAD HEGDE Associate Professor


Key words: Punnaga taila Malahara, Calophyllum inophyllum, Pharmaceutico-analytical study, Vyanga, Hyperpigmentation


Malahara kalpana is a kind of preparation included under Bahya Kalpana (external application). The word ‘Malahara’ because it removes mala (impurities) from vrana (wounds), vidradhi (abscess), tvak vikaras (skin diseases) etc. It has properties such as ropana (wound healing), snehana (oleation) and varnya (complexion enhancer) depending on the drugs used in its preparation. The drug Punnaga (Calophyllum inophyllum) in taila form has been exclusively used in folklore medicine in various disorders especially skin diseases such as vyanga (hyperpigmentation) etc [1]. Punnaga has sheeta-veerya. and is kapha-pitta hara. It is mentioned in varnya dashemāni in Charaka Samhita [2].  Acharya Sushruta has categorized it under Elādigana and is said to be varna prasādana [3], the use of these Elādigana in treating vyanga has been carried out and fair results has been obtained in research area [4]. Oil extracted from Punnaga is used topically in wounds, certain skin allergies, psoriasis, acne, dermatoses (diseases of skin) and for cosmetic purposes to cure dermal problems [5], [6]. A take home topical applicant feasible to common man is the need of the hour. Taking all this into consideration, here Punnaga taila is obtained in Malahara form because of its ease in application, better penetration, better retention and Malaharas basic property of enhanced action on application. Since globalization expects pharmaceutical standardization, an attempt is made in this present study to elucidate and unfold the mystery of the use of Punnaga taila in the folklore by accessing the Pharmaceutico-analytical study on the Malahara prepared by it.

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