• Sruthi Sankar P Poongattukuzhiyil 2nd year PG Scholar PANCHAKARMA


Artificial ghee, Ghrita-kalpana, BhojanaKutuhalam, Analytical study


Ghrita-kalpana has an inevitable role among Ayurveda treatment modalities. Ghrita used in ancient times was produced from cattle raised organically. Authors of Ayurveda had mentioned the attributes of ghrita based on the dairy practices of those times. Ghrita-kalpana used in current practice may not be equivalent to that explained in classic texts of Ayurveda. Nowadays cattle are kept away from their natural habitat and fed on artificial feeds. The quality of milk and milk products from such cattle have become a matter of concern. Apart from this bioaccumulation/biomagnification of antibiotics, synthetic growth hormones, pesticides etc. from fortified cattle feeds, increased rate of adulteration, mixing of various milks together, addition of coloring agents, different methods of preparation are some factors affecting the safety of ghrita.  In case of unavailability of genuine bovine products other alternatives for ghrita need to be explored. One such alternative for ghrita was mentioned in the text BhojanaKutuhalam. Among the six-yoga explained, one yoga is devoid of any bovine content. Hence, this yoga was selected and prepared in the kitchen of Panchakarma department of VPSV Ayurveda college hospital, Kottakkal. HPTLC was done at CMPR and QC laboratory, Kottakkal. Phytochemical analysis was done at R and D Arya Vaidya Sala, Kottakkal. The findings even though inconclusive may be a first step in the direction of exploring possible alternatives for ghrita.

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