Global Scenario of AYUSH through ‘Global Center for Traditional Medicine’: A Review


  • Geetanjali Sahu
  • Priyanka Meena
  • Gauri Jadhav
  • Reetu Sharma


AYUSH, Ayurveda, Globalization, WHO, Global center, Traditional medicine


In 1978 the ‘Alma-Ata-Declaration’ by WHO stated the evaluation and promotion of traditional medicines. A department called Department of “Indian System of medicine” was created in March 1995 and renamed as AYUSH in November 2003 with a focus for development of traditional system of medicine. AYUSH includes six indigenous traditional systems of medicine practiced mainly in India. With increasing awareness about fitness, health and changing lifestyle, the demand for AYUSH systems especially Ayurveda & Yoga has increased internationally. Government of India is actively propagating and popularizing all streams of AYUSH amongst all age groups through its various initiatives e.g., celebrating Yoga Day, National/State level health & Wellness outreach programs like Swasthya Rakshan Program, Arogya-melas, Health camps, exhibitions, etc. Today the globalization process of Ayurveda has reached many nations, due to the efforts of AYUSH Ministry, especially in the Covid-19 pandemic situation. About 80% of the world's population is estimated to use traditional system of medicine. According to current scenario of AYUSH in India, though there is a good improvement in framing and developing new infrastructural projects and budget allocation but not as much as required to be grown when compared to other technological sectors. Therefore, Global Center for Traditional Medicine by WHO could be considered as a good initiative where everyone around the world can get information regarding traditional system of medicine at their fingertip.

For this article, an overview will be given so as to depict some of the reasons which may be considered as the lacunas for minimal development of our ancient ayurvedic system and how this WHO proposed “Global Center for Traditional Medicine” could help for better globalization.



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