Ayurvedic management of Indralupta- A Case Report


  • Dr Vishvanath L Ashwini ayurvedic medical college and pg centre,Davangere


Indralupta, Alopecia areata, Bakuchi lepa, Gomutra arka, Vidangaristam, Krimikuthara rasa, Gunjadi tailam.


As hair is considered as barometer of beauty each one is over conscious about it and is in search for a better remedy for the maintenance and management of their crowning glory. Alopecia areata is characterized by acquired skin aliment that can affect all the hair bearing skin including scalp, beard, which is characterized by localized areas of non-scarring hair loss which can be compared with Indralupta. A 21years old boy was successfully treated with Pracchana (Gharshana) karma followed by Bakuchi lepa with Gomutra Arka, Vidangaristam, Krimikuthara rasa and Gunjadi tailam.



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