Ayurvedic Approach to Santarpanajanya Vyadhi w.s.r. to Sthaulya


  • Shivaranjani Kantharia J.S. Ayurveda college, Nadiad
  • Prof. Dr. SN Gupta
  • Prof. Dr. Kalapi Patel


Santarpaṇajanya Vyādhi, Sthualya


Nowadays, due to modernization and urbanization, peoples move towards comfort and sedentary lifestyles, and they are particularly much prone to getting lifestyle disorders. According to Āyurveda, these lifestyle disorders can be correlated with Santarpaṇajanya Vyādhi caused mainly due to vitiation of Kaphadoa and Medodhātu in terms of their vddhi. Sthaulya is one among them. Modern science has their limitation in lifestyle disorders, and its treatments are cost-effective. Āyurveda applies its unique fundamental principles; we can get excellent results in these diseases. With these references from the different Sahitā, texts and commentaries, the result could be drawn this way that Pañcakarma, e.g. Vamana, Virecana and Raktamokana; Udvartana; Rūka, Guru, Atarpaa āhara vihāra sevan e.g Yava, Rātri jagaraa etc. are beneficial in preventing and treating the Santarpaṇajanya Vyādhi in the account of their Śodhana and Lekhana karma which is helping in the elimination of Excess Kapha and Meda and also be helpful in the management of Sthaulya. Here this study is concluded to state that these above-mentioned measures are intensely elaborate in the sahita following Santarpaṇajanya Vyādhi as well as Sthaulya. And we can prevent as well as treat these kinds of lifestyle diseases with Āyurveda.



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