A Critical Conceptual review on Understanding Vapavahana as Koshtanga


  • Remya K Simon Rajiv Gandhi University Of Health Science


Keywords: Koshtanga, Meovaha Srotas, Vapavahana.


Vapavahana is the term use for an organ which is situated in Udara region and it is said as Moolasthana of Medovaha Srotas. While explaining Medodhara Kala, Sushruta mentioned site of Medas is Udara. It is an indefinite organ. The terminologies and its relation to Vapavahana need a probe in identifying a relevant organ or part from modern point of view and its association as Moolasthana of Medovaha Srotas with applied importance. So identifying structural entity is more important to prevent and treat metabolic disorders, which are burning issues of the present era. 

Keywords: Koshtanga, Medovaha Srotas, Vapavahana.



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