Visha Chikitsa: A folklore vision


  • Shreevanitha V Muniyal Institute of Ayurveda Medical Sciences


Folklore, Traditional, Medicinal Plant, Snake bite.


Man started his life journey from the forest which was devoid of toxic environment, but he was not able to get rid of the organisms or the wild , which made it inevitable for the origin of the science of toxicology .The classical school of medicine incorporating this science developed all these centuries reaching the general public, this further developed on traditional knowledge restricting to individuals possessing the lineage of medical knowledge, such as incidence of  snake bite, a major socio- medical problem of south east Asian countries. In Indian rural areas, Health centres are inadequate and snake bite victims mostly depend on folklore healers and herbal antidote, as an alternative treatment. To obtain authentic data, survey was conducted in and around Udupi district. Single herbal preparation and compound preparations used by folklore Vaidyas are discussed in detail. Only few plants used by folklore healers for snake bite management were reported and discussed. In this review details of plants, local name, identification, useful part, method of administration are discussed, which might be useful for evolving - the future therapeutic management for snake bite.

Key words; Folklore, Traditional, Medicinal Plant, Snake bite.

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