Evaluation of efficacy of the Vamana Dhauti with and without Shivapalapindi in Amlapitta


  • Krishna Assistant Professor
  • Dr. Rekha B.V
  • Dr. Venkatakrishna K.V.


Amlapitta, VamanaDhauti, Shivapalapindi


Introduction: Amlapitta is one of the disorders of Annavaha Srotas, where there is an increased Amlatva of Pachaka Pitta. Nowadays due to changing lifestyle and food habits Amlapitta is becoming a very dreadful disorder and leads to several complications if untreated. Amlapitta is a commonest condition affecting younger or middle-aged people. The treatment mentioned for Amlapitta is Vamana, Virechana, Basti, and Raktamokshana along with Tikta-Madhura Rasa, Madhura Vipaka, Sheeta Virya and Laghu, Ruksha property with Kapha-Pittahara action. So here, Suddhi Kriya therapy with Vamana Dhauti followed by the internal Shamana formulation Shivapalapindi was selected with the aim of Shodhana along with Shamana Chikitsa will be more effective in curing the Amlapitta and will be more beneficial. Materials and Method: Subjects were selected from OPD & IPD of Government Ayurveda medical hospital, Mysuru, and Government Hi-Tech Panchakarma center Mysuru. And Special camps were conducted in the forum mall for this purpose. Study Design: In the present study 60 patients of Amlapitta were assigned into two groups Group ‘A’ - Vamana Dhauthi with Sukhoshna Lavana Jala about 3.5 to 4 lit once during the treatment followed by Shivapalapindi from the next day. Group ‘B’ Shivapalapindi 12 gms / Day in divided two doses for 30 days. Results: In both groups, the effect of treatment was statistically highly significant (p < 0.05) follow up on all the parameters. Parameters such as Amlodgara, Hrit-Kanta Daha were found to be Highly Significant between the groups. Conclusion: Vamana Dhauti followed by Shivapalapindi from next day (Group A) has shown better results in Lakshanas like Avipaka, Tiktamlodgara, Hrit-Kanta Daha when compared to Only Shivapalapindi (Group B) during the course of this study.

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