Ayurvedic Pathya Aahar in polycystic ovarian disease


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polycystic ovarian syndrome, ayurvedic pathya aahar


Ayurveda focused on to maintain the health of a healthy person and cure the disease of the patient. Ayurveda mainly emphasis on holistic and scientific approach based upon dietary regime (Aahar) and life style (Vihar) more than medicines (Aushadha). Ayurveda text it is quoted that “if wholesome is followed medicine is not needed and if wholesome is not followed even medicines are not useful”1. The Polycystic ovarian syndrome is a Psychosomatic endocrine disorder affecting women in their reproductive age group. The prevalence of PCOS is estimated 10% in young adult which is relatively high2. In present scenario, incidence of this disease increasing exponentially due to sedentary lifestyle and faulty dietary habits. It is characterized by hyperandrogenism, anovulation and polycystic ovaries which clinically manifest in terms of amenorrhea or oligomenorrhea, hirsutism, acne, infertility etc3. The neglected and untreated PCOS can lead to a wide range of some serious health conditions, diabetes in 20% women by the age of 30 years, dyslipidemia, hypertension, and greater risk of developing cardiovascular disorders and endometrial cancer4.

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