Ayurvedic management of Ardita- A Case report


  • Dr. Jayashree P Girisagar Girisagar M.D PANCHAKARMA ,Proffessor


Ardita, Bell'spalsy, Nasya, Kukkutanda sweda


Ardita (Bell’s Palsy) is considered as one among the VATA NANATMAJ VYADHI. It can be corelated with the bell’s palsy.

A 26 year old male patient approached Panchakarma OPD on 20/09/2021 who was suffering from complaints of a deviated face on the right side, improper blinking of the right eye, left eye is not completely closed, unable to chew from the left side, drooling of saliva from the right side of mouth since 3 months. After clinical examination, he was diagnosed with ARDITA (BELL’s Palsy). He was admitted to BVVS Ayurved medical college and hospital, Bagalkot for 8 days and was treated with ShtanikaAbhyanga, KukutandaSweda, and NasyaKarma. After discharge, he was prescribed Shamanoushadi for 15 days. He was relieved of complaints up to 90%.

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