Critical Review on Pratimarsha Nasya


  • Dr. Aiswarya Balagopal Post graduate scholar
  • Dr.Bargale Sushant Sukumar


Bindu, Pratimarsha Nasya, Shodhana, Snehana.


Introduction: Nasya Karma refers to the practise of administering medications through the nasal cavity. It is the unique process of Shodhana Chikitsa in which medicines reach to the brain and expel the vitiated Dosha responsible for producing the diseases. It acts as both preventive and curative. Every Panchakarma Shodhana technique is simple, easy, uncomplicated and extremely useful if carried out correctly and thoroughly. If the right procedure is not followed, Vyapad (complications )may occur. Different Ayurvedic literatures, classified Nasya in a variety of ways. One of the significant types among them is Pratimarsha Nasya. It is a special type of Snehana Nasya with low dose and minimal complications. It can be administered daily and even in all the season at morning and evening time. It is given by dipping the finger in the required Sneha then dropping it in each nostril. Materials and methods: Various Ayurvedic classics and commentaries were referred for references with regards to Pratimarsha Nasya. Result: Pratimarsha Nasya acts as both preventive and therapeutic. Discussion: Pratimarsha Nasya is a type of Nasya Karma which is indicated for daily practice and is helpful in prevention of diseases of head, neck, oral cavity and also respiratory disorders. Conclusion: Pratimarsha Nasya has many advantages such as having almost no contra-indications, given in a very low dose (2 bindu), can be done on multiple occasions in a day and that it can be self-administered.


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