Ayurvedic management of Amavata - A case report


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Amavata is the prime disease which makes the person crippled and unfit for anindependent life. Amavata word is composed of two words Ama and Vata, the condition which is caused by accumulation of Ama and Vata. In terms of medicine Ama refers to the events that follow and the factors that arise as a consequence of impaired functioning of 'Agni' whereas in literal terms the word "Ama" means unripe,immature and undigested. This ‘Ama’ is them carried by ‘Vayu’ and travels throughout the body and accumulates in the joints, at the weaker sites (Khavaigunya)and Amavata occurs. In Amavata, Vata is dominant Dosha and Ama is the chief pathogenic factor In present study Virechana Karma and BastiKarma are selected as ShodhanaChikitsa. The pathogenesis of amavata starts from gastro intestinal tract The generation of Ama takes place in gastrointestinal tract and further proceeds to deeper pathological roots with special inclination to the seats of kaphadosha especially sandhi.The case reported here with the informed consent of the patient showed significant regression in the condition with no signs of relapse. The patient showed good response in short span of time and could completely stop the use of allopathic medicines. The scope of Ayurvedic approach to address such Rheumatoid arthritis a disease is discussed in this paper.The employed treatments were non invasive and cost effective, purely based on the principles of Ayurveda.

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