A Study On Amsa Marma – Location, Anatomcal structures And Clinical Relevance


  • Anjana v V P S V Ayurveda College Kottakkal


           Marma   is one of the special concept elaborated by Ayurveda. They are the  vital areas in human body which should be protected from injury, on injury they may produce pain, permanent deformity or fatal effects.   Marma is the term used  for vital spots in Ayurveda. Marmas are the areas where Mamsa, Sira, Snayu, Asthiand Sandhi comes together. Prana or life resides in these vital spots of body ; and injury to these marmas may lead to death, death like pain or permanent deformity. There are 107 marmas explained in both Astanga Hrudaya And Susrutha Samhitha. Both the Acaryas classified Marmas on the basis of predominant structure at the site of mama and on the basis of effect on injury. Acharya explains the Marma viddha lakshana in detail. Depending upon the type and severity of injury various signs and symptoms are produced. Detail knowledge of Marma is important from surgical point of view.

Amasa Marma is one among the one hundred and seven Marmas. It is one of the Prustagatha Marma and is presen tin the prusta or posterior part of the trunk region at the junction of arm and trunk at its upper aspect between the head and shoulder.  Amsa Marma injury leads to rigidity to upper limb.

Rotator cuff injury is one of the commonest conditions seen in this region and the explanations of Amsa Marma and supra spinatous portion of rotator cuff are compared in this work. 

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