A Critical Review on Rakta as Chaturtha Dosha or Dhatu


  • Rohini Jat M.D. Scholar
  • Priyanka Meena
  • Sunita Saini


Rakta, Chaturtha dosha, Tristhuna, Tridosha


Rakta-one amongst the seven dhatus. Acharya Sushruta says, it is extremely important for sustenance of life- ‘Raktam Jeeva Iti Sthithi’. The classical texts of Ayurveda have given, the concept of ‘Tristhuna’ (three pillers) of deha (body) which supports the house or body and it became abnormal it causes destruction of body. Amongst them, Dosha, Dhatu, Mala are the three basic constituents of human body (ref- sushrut sutra 15/3). Amongst those saptadhatu, Rakta is the second one. Acharya also mentioned that along with three Doshas Shonita, the 4th Dosha present even during the origin, existence & destruction of the body. By this literary study a conclusion is drown that, Rakta is primarily a Dhatu and it has been given the noun (sadnya) ‘Dosha’ because of its importance similar to doshas in the body.

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