Effectiveness of Gudadi Nasya and Rooksha Sweda in Manyastambha (Cervical Spondylosis)


  • Dr Sujaya Koti PG Scholar


In the current era of fast-growing technology, stressful job, changing lifestyles, dietary habits, traveling, the improper posture of sitting, sleeping, and working order wherein people cannot concentrate on a proper regimen heading towards factors causing compressive injury & undue pressure on the spine further causing stiffness, pain, difficulty in movement, degenerative changes in body tissue, resulting in one such disease condition called Manyasthambha. The sign and symptoms of Manyastambha can be correlated with cervical spondylosis in contemporary medicine. Ayurveda suggested the prevention and management of many diseases, including the treatment of Manyastambha. One of the treatment modalities is Nasya karma and Swedana karma. This article further deals with the discussion and management of cervical spondylosis through Ayurvedic procedures.

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