A clinical trial to access the efficacy of thila thaila gandoosha dharana in Gingivitis


  • Radhika C Associate Professor


Tila thaila, Gandoosha, Gingivitis,


Back ground: Gingivitis ( inflammation of Gingiva) is the most common disease of gingiva. The inflammation caused by dental plaque give rise to associated degenerative, necrotic and proliferative changes in the gingival tissues. Gingivitis often presents with gum bleeding which is highly disturbing for the patients. Gandoosha dharana is a procedure in which medicine is kept inside the oral cavity without moving.Seasame oil is easily available and cheap. In therapeutics it is used as a base for medicated oil and as an ingredient in many compound medical preparations.  Considering the disease senerio, drawback of existing treatment modalities in modern medicine classical references about the drug and its cost effectiveness, the present work was taken up so as to contribute towards the dental health care of the community.Objective:  To clinically evaluate the effect of Tila taila (Sesame oil) when used as Gandoosha dharana in reducing bleeding, calculus and improving general condition of gingiva in Gingivitis.Materials and Method: 44 patients attending the opd of DGV Government Ayurveda College diagnosed as gingivitis were selected . Gandoosha dharana was administered for 10 days with 7 days follow up assessment.Result:Patients showed statistically significant improvement in parameters( gingival index, bleeding index and calculus index).Conclusion: Tila thaila gandhoosha dharana is effective in reducing gingivitis. This can be propagated as safe and cost effective treatment for gingivitis.

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