Therapeutic effects of Elephantopus scaber Linn.:A Review


  • Subash Sahu CBPACS
  • Dr.P.K Panda Sri Sri College of Ayurvedic science &Research Hospital


Different types of medicinal plant species are referred to as gojihva in India. One of them that is frequently used in the name of gojihva is Elephantopus scaber Linn (E. scaber), which belongs to the Asteraceae family.The herb gojihva is used to treat a variety of conditions, including those that affect the respiratory system, the heart, blood clotting issues, fever, and wound healing. Gojihva possess kashaya- tikta rasa, laghu guna, sheeta virya and madhura vipaka with kapha - vata pacifying properties. Numerous studies have been conducted on the Gojihva to determine its efficacy in treating various diseases, but besides that, it also possesses some intriguing pharmacological features, like anti-cancerous activity,anti-microbial,anti-inflammatory,hepatoprotective,  antioxidant properties etc.E. scaber plants are rare and difficult to come by as a result of their subpar cultivation and propagation practises.  As a result, we have tried to compile all therapeutic effects of E. scaber from diverse sources. This article's goal is to consolidate all of the ethnobotanical and medicinal uses of E. scaber in order to facilitate future study and therapeutic application of this plant.

Keywords: Gojihva, Elephantous scaber, anti-cancerous, antihistaminic, antioxidants.

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