Effect of katakaphala eye drops on Digital eye strain- A pilot study


  • Gururaj Natikar SJGAMC, Koppal, Karnataka
  • Nazneen


Digital eye strain, katakaphala, eye drops, Shalakyatantra, Ayurveda


The mandatory e-learning has emerged as a method for teaching during coronavirus disease 19 (COVID-19) pandemic. That now has become the usual routine for additional knowledge source for students, who spend most of the time (4-5 hrs per day) attending e-classes or reading e books in front of a computer or mobile screens. These devices cause harm by emitting short high energy waves that makes an individual vulnerable to a variety of eye problems ranging from dry eye to age-related macular degeneration. It is collectively known as digital eye strain (DES). Katakaphala (strychnos potatorum) is an herb commonly used for ophthalmic conditions like irritation, pain, redness etc. This study was aimed to conduct survey on digital eye strain among BAMS students and to evaluate the effect of katakaphala eye drops on digital eye strain. The survey was conducted using a questionnaire and first 100 students with features of digital eye strain were included for the study. Detailed examination including visual acuity ad shirmers test was done for the enrolled subjects. Katakaphala eye drops was administered to the subjects 2drops in each eye, 4 times a day for 15 days. All parameters were documented on before treatment, at the end of treatment and on day of follow up (30th day). There was significant improvement in all parameters clinically and statistically except in redness of eye. By virtue of properties of the ingredients this katakapahala eye drops helped in relieving Headache, Eye strain & Redness in digital eye strain and improved vision.

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