Concept of Haemostasis by Acharya Sushruta vis-à-vis Raktasthambanopayas


  • Dr Anuja Kitturkar Assistant Professor
  • Dr Siddanagouda Patil


Dhatus are one among the basic constituents composing the body, These form the foundation to structure, support and sustain life. Rakta among them is responsible for the utpatti, sthiti and pralaya of the body. Rakta is corelated to blood which is merely a fluid connective tissue, however the utility of Rakta Dhatu is considerably more expansive than that of blood. The complications of bleeding can range anywhere from reduced tissue perfusion to death. Hence various techniques and methods of haemostasis have now been implemented. Raktasthambhana means to stop excess flow of Rakta because Atyaadhika Raktasrava may be life threatening. In Ayurveda Chaturvida Raktastambhana Upayas are explained. Certain Vyadhis as well as procedures have mentioned rakta shrava as a laxana or complication, Acharya Sushruta has also also mentioned the management of the same as well as various drugs and procedures which can be performed to arrest bleeding. The relevance of these techniques will be evaluated hereby.

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