Clinical Evaluation of Modified Manashiladi Lepa in the prevention of post- surgical scar


  • Dr Suresh Y Y Ayurveda
  • Prashanth B K Principal Prasanna Ayurveda Medical College Belthangady
  • Ravi Rao S Dean FIMS SGT University Gurgram
  • Prashanth Kekuda Professor and Head Dept of Sharira Kriya GAMS Shivamogga


Manashilaadi Lepa, Ointment, Wound healing, Scar



Scar formation is an unavoidable consequence of post surgical wound healing and it is very disturbing for a person who is undergoing surgery in relation to cosmetic value. Prevention of post- surgical scar is a cosmetic challenge. Prevention of scar will enhance the beauty of the skin of the patients who has undergone caesarian section during delivery. Acharya Sharangadhara in his book Sharangadhara Samhita has explained different types of formulations for usage out of which ‘Bahya Kalpana’ is one. Lepa Kalpana forms an important sub type of Bahya Kalpana which is widely used due to its action on the localized area of application. Manashiladi Lepa is explained in ‘Rasa Tantra Sara Va Siddha Prayoga Sangraha’ for the prevention of scar in the skin surface.The formulation contains ghrita and madhu which is to be mixed with the powder of the herbs told in the formulation. In the present scenario, the lepa kalpana is not liked by the patients themselves as it leaves behind residual marks on the skin surface and stains the cloth if it comes in contact with it. Hence a modified lepa in the form of ointment which contains reduced amount of oiliness and good packing is accepted by all. The analytical and pharmaceutical study   of modified lepa proved that lepa   can successfully modified into ointment  form which fulfills the standards of ideal ointment. Clinical evaluation of ointment  in  Caesarian section wound , it can be concluded that the drug Manashilaadi Ointment possesses efficacy in preventing scar formation with fine scaring without producing any adverse effect. So, it is recommended as a cost-effective, easy to prepare and effective therapy in preventing the scar formation in post surgical cases.



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